Dream of Cleanest City of North East : Nongstoin DC

Shillong, May 18 : In an effort to make Nongstoin a clean and green town, the District Administration took the initiative to install hundreds of dustbins in all public places and prominent locations in and around Nongstoin town under Swacch Bharat Mission.

These dustbins are meant for dumping of dry wastes only such as plastics, paper, glass, tin etc. Citizens are requested to refrain from dumping wet wastes/bio degradable wastes including dead animals/kitchen wastes/vegetable wastes from markets. The SLRM volunteers will be collecting the dry wastes from these dustbins as and when they are full. Also burning material/items should not be put into these dustbins since these are made from plastic. Bio degradable wastes should be collected separately and converted into compost at household level or can be segregated and handed over to the SLRM volunteers separately whenever they come to collect the wastes from households and shops from Nongstoin town.

Initiative steps were taken by the mass along with the Deputy Commissioner of the district to  tackle solid wastes, liquid wastes in a scientific manner. There is also a plan to build a road using plastic wastes after the monsoon, hence people are requested to dispose plastics through dustbins/SLRM volunteers only so that we can conserve it. We will be needing plastic in tons. River Nonbah will be protected by stopping all liquid waste discharges and beautified through various interventions. Punitive action is being taken against polluters. It is hoped that all the stakeholders will join hands with District Administration to make Nongstoin, the cleanest town in the Northeast.


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