Defence experts call for strict action against Pakistan

New Delhi, May 1: Defence experts on Monday urged the Indian Army to respond firmly to Pakistan over the mutilation of two of its soldiers.

“This shows the despicable state of affairs. In fact, Pakistan Army comes out as an extremely unprofessional army with no ethics. Firstly, carrying out unprovoked firing, and then, subsequently indulging in gross violation of human rights through mutilation. They (Pakistan army) mutilated the bodies of the soldiers. I think that is falling to the lowest level of human behaviour. I think it’s a gross violation of human rights and needs to be condemned in very strong manner. I am sure the Indian Army would give them a befitting reply,” defence expert Alok Bansal told ANI.

“It is a violation of all conventions. No convention in this world will allow you to deal with the dead soldiers in the manner that they have behaved. I am sure global community at large would take a very strong view of it and Indian army would give them a befitting reply,” he added.

Another defence expert P.K. Sehgal said, “Pakistan has done this like this earlier also because every time response from our side is not that strong. Pakistan is a very small country and we are a big and powerful nation. This time proceedings from our side should be very strong so that next time Pakistan thinks 100 times before committing such things again. We have never done things like this. By this time India should announce that we have destroyed Pakistan’s 25 posts and injured nearly 50 soldiers. So that in coming days Pakistan doesn’t even dare to commit such things again.”

The Army, in a tweet said, “Pak Army carried out unprovoked Rocket and Mortar firing on two forward posts on the line of control in Krishna Ghati Sector. Simultaneously, a BAT action was launched on a patrol operating in between the two posts. In an unsoldierly act by the Pak Army the bodies of two of our soldiers in the patrol were mutilated. Such despicable act of Pakistan Army will be appropriately responded.” (ANI)

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