Decrease in water level of Umiam is one of the lowest in the history: Mondal

decrease in the water level of the Umiam Lake.

SHILLONG, JUNE 2: Power Minister AT Mondal has expressed concern over the decrease in the water level of the Umiam Lake.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Mondal said, “The water level of Umiam is one of the lowest in the history of the Lake. We are standing at 3,170 feet. Another five feet down it means problem……We cannot generate much power. Our units are just spinning for some time then wait for water to gather.”

With the state receiving very less rainfall this year, the minister said that the government is working holistically by coming up with some short term remedies to cope up with the present scenario and at the same time, some long term measures will also be taken so that in the future we are not subjected to such a crisis.

He informed that the government is trying to see certain projects come up as early as possible so that the problem can be solved.

Mondal said that the demand is increasing proportionately at a higher rate than the generation that is there.

“Every day we need 6.6 or 7 million units of power. We are generating from our own state generating units only 1.5 million units on an average…so where the rest of the power is coming it is coming from banking and purchasing,” he said.

“We are thankful to the High Court that they have given us a direction that we can purchase power and pass it on to consumers. But it is not that we purchase at a higher rate and tell consumers you give in at a high rate because the rate is fixed not by MeECL or the power department, it is fixed by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission. Therefore, we have petitioned them so let us see whether we get some respite or not,” he added.

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