CSWO shocked : Uranium Mining in Meghalaya

 Shillong, March 1 : CSWO who is pursuing over uranium issue were shocked today after the statement of the official of the AMD (Atomic Minerals Directorate) which stated that Uranium mining has nothing to do with such effects on the ecology.

According to Agnes Kharshiing President CSWO  ” This is a very wild statement trying to fool the people of the State about uranium and uranium mining.Many think in the NE people are illiterate and can be fooled by these nondescript statements by officials who forget they are Government servants.”

Uranium mining will leave behind tailing ponds which will be ‘live’ for thousands of years and takes time to disintegrate.

According to reports, The amount of sludge produced is nearly the same as that of the ore milled. At a grade of 0.1% uranium, 99.9% of the material is left over. Apart from the portion of the Uranium removed, the sludge contains all the constituents of the ore. As long as lived decay products such as Thoriumm-230 and radium-226 are not removed, the sludge contains 85% of the initial radioactivity of the ore.

The CSWO reiterates that the organization strongly oppose Uranium Mining in the State of Meghalaya and urge the Government not to wait for Companies that degrade the environment to make roads for the people of the State. The Government should see into the welfare and development of the State especially in the rural areas and not to depend on these destructive companies who come and spread wrong reports about Uranium and uranium mining and that it has no effect on the people.

Governments that want to forcefully mine Uranium, hide facts through these bogus officials who do not apply what they studied in their field and theory. Now as reported, the official of AMD said the Ore is ‘good grade’ not defining whether the Uranium Ore in Meghalaya is high grade or low grade. By saying good grade, does it mean high and if high, it contradicts a research report done by NEHU, few years back which says low grade ore is found in Meghalaya, to prove less radiation. The Organization strongly opposes the intention of any Uranium mining in the State of Meghalaya.

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