Conrad brands Agatha as ‘Ambassador of Meghalaya’

Conrad brands Agatha as 'Ambassador of Meghalaya'

Shillong, Mar 29: NPP Chief and Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma has branded incumbent Lok Sabha MP Agatha K. Sangma as ‘ambassador of Meghalaya’ in parliament to push the agenda of growth and development.

Campaigning in NPP stronghold North Garo Hills, Chief Minister Sangma said, “All States sends proposals to Delhi, similarly, Meghalaya also does, but this proposals needs to be followed up, and our MP Agatha Sangma has been engaging with leadership in Delhi to ensure that we get maximum share. As an ambassador of Meghalaya, she takes up our proposals with Prime Minister, cabinet ministers and senior officials in Delhi, to ensure that it is cleared”.

Sangma credited Agatha for release of projects worth thousands of Crores for Meghalaya under PM-DevINE, PMGSY, PMAY, MGNREGS, etc, which has contributed to the ongoing transformative development.

“It is important that we elect an MP, who can work in coordination with the State government. It is also significant that we have an MP, who has good connections in Delhi. Our sitting MP is experienced and has work for three consecutive terms, and I urge the electorates to give her the mandate to continue to work with the State for propelling the agenda of growth and development,” he added.

Talking about positive governance during NPP’s regime in Meghalaya, Sangma said that a number of development initiatives has been taken up in the State and North Garo Hills has been part of the development journey.

He pointed out on the newly completed road Damra – Bajengdoba, which was in dismal condition for over two decades. The road connectivity from Damra to Bajengdoba is a very crucial as it links most part of North Garo Hills with Assam.

“Successive governments has failed to look into the interest of our people. They failed to invest in infrastructure, they failed to invest in welfare but NPP government has demonstrated to its people that promises are delivered by the NPP leadership”, Sangma added.

Stressing on socio-economic transformation of the State with the launch of various schemes, the NPP chief detailed on key intervention to improve health, sports and education. He said that the only college from North Garo Hills was taken up under ‘People’s College’ scheme.

“The people of North Garo Hills including MLAs have been demanding that Mendipathar college should be given due recognition. We realized its importance and ensured that it was taken up under people’s college scheme. We are concerned for the future of our youth and intervention like this are taken based on the requirement of our people,” he added.

He also spoke at length on the newly laid foundation for setting up of Rs. 185 plus Crore bottling and processing unit by Varun Beverages (Pepsi Co) at Mendipathar industrial estate. “The industrial zone was not put to use for many years. Recently, we signed an MoU with Varun Beverages to start the plant, which will encourage other investors to come to Meghalaya”.

Sangma addressed series of election meetings under Mendipathar constituency of North Garo Hills on Thursday to drum up support for NPP candidate Agatha K. Sangma, for the 2-Tura Lok Sabha constituency, which goes for polling on April 19.

Addressing an election meeting, Agatha urged the people to vote NPP to ensure that the momentum of growth in the State to continue. “If we elect an MP from any other political party, it will be a great loss for Garo Hills. As representative of our people from Tura Lok Sabha, I have been able to voice the concerns of our people. In the last six years of NPP Government in Meghalaya, I have been able to work with the State to push the agenda of development”, she said.

Informing that in the past during election campaign, people would talk about concerns on road, water, poor infrastructure in schools and healthcare institution but during this campaign, people are thanking us. “People of Garo Hills has seen the kind of work and development carried out by NPP government in the State”, she added.