Congress to write to partners supporting MDA for discussion to save state

Shillong, Aug 18: Leader of opposition in the state, Dr. Mukul Sangma has said that the Congress will be writing letters to the coalition partners in the Meghalaya Democratic Alliance (MDA) government to discuss “on how to save the state”.

Dr. Sangma, who did not clearly stated what will the contents of the letters be, however gave enough hint that he was trying to woo them to form an alternative government.

“Dismissing the government is not the ultimate solution. Let us be blunt, since we are saying that the state is not in safe hands I have given you an example of a reckless driver. We need to change the driver,” the leader of opposition said.

Dr. Sangma also said that the interest of the state and its people should supersede everything please.

“We want to do it transparently…no hide and seek, let people know what we are saying,” he added.

Dr. Sangma also asked is it not necessary for the political parties to come together and discuss the present circumstances (prevailing in the state).

“If they say no it is not necessary it is up to them, but we feel that we should reach out. We feel that good sense should prevail because at the end of the day they have also the sense of responsibility. I am sure it will not fall on deaf ears,” the leader of opposition said.

“On behalf of the CLP, we will be writing to all the leaders of the political parties who are in the government to put our heads together and look at how we can save the state,” he added.

Dr. Sangma also added that in a bid to save the state, if the Congress and others who share the same concern,
don’t act to ensure that there is a new “dispensation” who would be vested with the responsibility of governance, the destruction of the state will be complete.


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