Congress says BJP is known for selling dreams and false promises

Shillong Feb 15: Taking a jibe at the BJP’s vision document released here on Thursday, senior Congress leader Anand Sharma said that the BJP may make promises but they are nationally known for “selling dreams and making false promises.”

The BJP in its vision document released by the union defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman, had promised the people of the state to resolve ban on coal mining within 180 days besides giving 2 lakh jobs to the youth.

“I was told BJP has released its vision document, promising the sun, moon and stars, but we have no quarrel . They can promise more because they are nationally known now for selling dreams, making false promises and betraying the mandate and people,” Sharma told journalists here.

He said Meghalaya has to watch out as the BJP promised 2 lakh jobs in tourism sector whereas the number of unemployed youth as per records available in public domain it is over 1 lakh only.

“They will bring unemployed people from other states but that is not going to happen because they have no intention in honoring what they say,” the Rajya Sabha deputy Leader of Opposition said.

Charging at the Prime Minister for failing to keep his promise of creating 2 crore jobs in a year, Anand said, “In three and a half year, the youths of India are looking for 7 crore jobs. Jobs have not been created.”

Pointing out that the decisions on demonetization and GST as “two reckless decisions” that destroyed jobs, the Congress leader said, “I charge PM and his government in Delhi for having destroyed jobs and not in thousands but in millions and tens of millions particularly the demonetization where none of four objectives were made – black money, terror funding and counterfeit- and another decision which led to loss of jobs, businesses is the flawed GST implementation.

Stating that the prime minister is now in the departure and his government is going to go, Sharma said, “People should look at somebody who is arriving not departing. People of india has the wisdom so is the people of Meghalaya.”

Referring to the BJP, which has been questioning the ruling Congress for its failure to appoint the Lokayukta in the state, he however said the prime minister Narendra Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat for 12 years and yet there was no Lokayukta there.

“Now he (Modi) is PM for four years. You remember the country had a big agitation and that was of course very well planned for Lokpal. Our government (UPA) had enacted special law for appointment of lokpal nationally bringing the office of PM under its jurisdiction, now there is no lokpal in India. Now they have come here telling about the lokayukta,” he said.

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