Congress communalizing Meghalaya elections : Kohli

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Shillong, Feb 13:– The BJP on Tuesday accused Meghalaya’s ruling Congress of “communalizing” the February 27 assembly polls in the state instead of replying to the “chargesheet” on the “15 Years of Loot, 15 Years of Destruction” during its three terms.

“The Congress party is creating a negative campaign. The Congress party is communalizing this election. The Congress party is running away from its shameful track record. The Congress is unable to answer to the scams against it and unable to say why they have not kept promises made 15 years in Meghalaya,” BJP national spokesperson Nalin Kohli told journalists.

“The Congress leaders should at least once travel beyond the National Highway between Guwahati and Shillong and realize how there are more potholes and less of roads, how children don’t go to school because teachers are not there, how there is no development,” he asked.

Accusing the Congress of using “divisive agenda” in seeking public support, Kohli said: “They are trying to force these agendas and are spreading lies with regards to eating habits, but we have always said political parties don’t decide what food people of an area have or what clothes they wear…”

On the Congress calling BJP “anti-Christian”, he said: “I am charging the Congress party with trying to communalize this election and trying to force the churches into politics which is very unfortunate.”

“Are you saying the Christians in Goa are anti-Christian for voting for the BJP? Are you saying the BJP ministers who are Christians whether in Goa or Manipur and Christian voters are anti-Christian?” he asked.

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