CM says cabinet satisfied with presentation on roster system

CM says cabinet satisfied with presentation on roster system

SHILLONG, MAY 17: Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Wednesday said the state Cabinet was satisfied with the presentation made on the roster system.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Sangma said, “A detailed presentation was given to the cabinet today and after seeing the presentation the cabinet was satisfied with the presentation and the details and few clarifications were made and unanimously now we have agreed in moving forward.”

He informed that the same presentation will be made to the MDA components during a meeting to be held tomorrow and to all political parties on May 19. He said the fourth meeting with other stakeholders including NGOs, religious leaders and other social groups will take place after a week or ten days.

When asked, Sangma said, “I cannot give you details of that because we have to give the presentation to everybody but as I said the roster and the recruitment is a continuous process and after seeing the details of how a roster works and how the system will follow in the future and how recruitment has been in the past a detailed presentation was given. All cabinet colleagues were satisfied after seeing the presentation. The presentation was based on all facts and figures looking at the reservation policy and looking at the complexity of the roster system and accordingly a presentation was made.”

The chief minister said that the roster system and recruitment is a continuous process.

“It is a continuous process and hence it goes on. Hence, once we give the presentation, once you see the presentation and once you see how things are, I am sure you also will understand and based on that we will move forward so what has happened in the past obviously adds up to how things are now. As I said the way the system is, is continuous and therefore, there is no question of retrospect or prospect it is a continuous process,” he added.

On the VPP’s demand to review the reservation policy, Sangma however said, “We have not discussed the reservation policy and this is something which is not in the agenda that is coming up in the next few days. Right now, we are talking about the roster system and we are sticking to that.”

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