CM laid foundation for Chenanggre Stadium at Adokgre

Shillong, Jan 20: Meghalaya CM Conrad K Sangma today laid the foundation for “Chenanggre Stadium” at Adokgre in North Garo Hills. The stadium is being constructed at a cost of ₹ 6.24 cr and is expected to be completed by December 2022.

Speaking at the foundation laying ceremony, CM said that the stadium will encourage sport talents of Garo Hills. He also informed the gathering that Adokgre holds special significance to him as his late father PA Sangma would always start his election campaign from this place.

He also stated that his father won every election he contested and had named Adokgre as “Chenanggre”, which means land of victory.

“PA Sangma had special affinity for the people of Adokgre and would always begin his election campaign from here. The construction of the Stadium at Adokgre named as Chenanggre Stadium will fulfil his dreams,” said Sangma.

Informing the gathering that Chenanggre Stadium will be one of the biggest Stadium in Garo Hills, he announced that the stadium will be completed by December 2022”.

Asserting that there is lack of sporting infrastructure in North Garo Hills, he said that the construction of the new stadium will provide a platform for the youth to partake in sporting activities, particularly football.

He also informed that it has been the endeavour of the MDA government to remain committed to the people and their welfare and a systematic approach has been adopted to ensure development in different sectors.

“We are investing for the future of our State with intervention that would benefit the youth and the overall education scenario,” Sangma added.

He laid the foundation in presence of MLAs Rupert Momin and Pongseng Marak.

Sangma also inaugurated the new building of the Adokgre Secondary School, which has been funded by the Asian Development Bank’s Supporting Human Capital Development.

Inaugurating the school building, the Chief Minister said that the government has been working with utmost priority to enhance the educational infrastructure across the State. He also said that the government is giving priority to upscale school infrastructure in LP and UP schools.

“There are many government schools, which have remained neglected for years. We have decided that in the next few years, we will invest in upscaling the school infrastructure. There are schools without roofs, without doors, without windows. If we have to prioritise our education, we have to overhaul our education infrastructure. We have prepared a roadmap and have devised a strategy to achieve our targets,” he said, while adding that in the next three years close to 800 government schools will be renovated and the schools, which had remained neglected, will be given due attention.

At Dalu, Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma laid the foundation for Dalu Stadium in West Garo Hills in presence of local MLA Brening Sangma. The Stadium will be constructed at a cost of Rs. 3.22 cr. It will comprise a football turf, seating gallery, community meeting room, parking space, gym, office space and other amenities.

Laying the foundation stone for the stadium at Dalu, the Chief Minister said that the government is working with utmost concern to upscale education and the interest of the youth. He said that education is the most important pillar for development.

He also reminded the gathering about late PA Sangma’s word on the importance of planting humans. He said that it is very important to invest in the youth and the government understands its importance and is working with a systematic plan for the interest and welfare of the youth.

At Dalu, the Chief Minister also inaugurated the new building of the Dalu Bengali Secondary School, funded by Asian Development Bank’s Supporting Human Capital Development. The School is equipped with smart classrooms and labs. It was a gala event as several cultural items were also displayed during the inaugural ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Chief Minister said that the government has a policy on education and investment for development of the education sector is being done in a systematic manner.

At Dalu, he also informed that the government is working with different agencies to ensure that massive infrastructure development projects are taken up, particularly roads and bridges. He said that several new roads are being constructed across different parts of the State.

“MDA government has been working tirelessly by seeking funds from different externally aided agencies, central government and world banks and has accumulated the funds for the welfare and development of the State,” the Chief Minister asserted.

“In the next two years, the people of the State can expect a lot of development taking place in the State,” he added.

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