BJP says Congress has always treated NE in a step-motherly fashion

BJP says Congress has always treated NE in a step-motherly fashion

SHILLONG, FEB 12: The BJP on Sunday termed the Congress campaign in the state as a mockery of its people.

Sending an inconsequential leader such as Jairam Ramesh to the state shows how the Congress considers Meghalaya to be a low priority state.

BJP National General Secretary, Tarun Chugh said that this is neither unexpected nor new. The Congress has always treated the North-east in a step motherly fashion.

It was only after the election of the PM Narendra Modi led BJP government that the Centre started focusing on this region and laying special emphasis on its development. The result of PM Modi’s efforts are for all to see.

Reacting to the promises made by the Congress, Tarun Chugh said that the Congress has recently adopted the Sri Lankan model of bankruptcy and as an experiment, wants to implement it in Meghalaya.

He said the clouds of unemployment, of backwardness and the clouds that have chained Meghalaya and prevented it from moving forward – are all gifts of the Congress that the state did not want.

He said that most of the relevant promises that the Congress has made are those that our PM is already providing to the state and the country. This is an indication that the Congress also plans to only rename Central Government schemes (in the name of either Rajiv Gandhi or someone else from their onwer’s family) and do nothing as a state government.

Tarun Chugh appealed to the people of Meghalaya to see through the Congress’s designs. The Congress leaders consider themselves entitled and elite, and they come down from their ivory towers to meet the people only once in 5 years.

Tarun Chugh also warned the people against the real intentions of the Congress Party.

“This is the same party that had the ‘Law of Asylum’ as part of their manifesto and wanted to legalise all Bangladeshis through this law. The Congress party is a pack of dangerous fang bearing wolves who want to attack the unsuspecting people of Meghalaya by dawning sheep skin. They are the pioneers of divide and rule, and they grab power by keeping the common people under-developed, disempowered, and dependant. Ethnicity, religion, and identity are just some weapons in the Congress armoury that it uses to confine the people. The BJP, on the other hand, is the only party that truly seeks to preserve, record, and promote the local traditions and cultures of all people,” he said.

BJP MLA AL Hek also attacked the Congress and said the Congress was in fact insulting by local people through their deeming discourse. The BJP respects the mandate of the people in its entirety.

He said that in his experience the Congress was a party that was singularly focused to subjugating the people and gaining dominance over them, and in filling their own coffers. Drawing attention to the apathy of the state during Congress rule, Hek said that Meghalaya now needed a pro-development, pro-people government that only the BJP could provide.

The BJP has proven its credentials through the delivery of promises at the Centre and in various states and now it was time for Meghalaya to experience the much-deserved growth and prosperity under a BJP led government.

He implored upon the people to not trade the future of our state with the hollow promises of the Congress.

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