BJP against introduction of Central Bonded Warehouse

BJP president to release manifesto on Feb 15
The BJP Meghalaya Pradesh strongly opposed the introduction of Central Bonded Warehouse (CBW) in the state.
“Centralising the bonded warehouse is not going to benefit the 44 bond owners in Meghalaya but will greatly benefit only four owners who will control the entire system of supply,” Ernest Mawrie

President, BJP Meghalaya Pradesh said.

He said that the CBW was abolished in Rajasthan when the BJP government found that it was not helping the needs of the State as only few were benefiting out of it. “CBW is often controlled by some individuals who make maximum profit for their political bosses which ultimately leads to the mafia system of functioning. BJP does not want Meghalaya to become a mafia ruled state as it is turning into one with scams erupting right from councils, coal, electricity bills etc. And now Central Bonded Warehouse will turn into another corruption and destruction of the State,” Mawrie said.
Stating that the CBW was also abolished in UP due to similar reasons like Rajasthan, Mawrie asked, “So why is Meghalaya interested to follow the controversial centralisation of bonded warehouse? BJP strongly opposed this decision and we would go to any end to counter the decision of the Conrad-led Government in introducing CBW.”
The BJP leader also warned that officials involved in the introduction of CBW will also be dealt with, with all legal proceedings because it is not the mandate of the public but few corrupt thinking leaders and officials who want to turn Meghalaya into a “mafia run society.”

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