Bernard appeals to Garo, Khasi and Jaintia to preserve 80% reservation structure

MDC Bernard N Marak

SHILLONG, JUNE 2: BJP leader and Tura MDC Bernard N Marak on Friday said the 80% reservation for the Garo, Khasi and Jaintia is a unique structure which should not be disturbed.

“It has brought balance to the three communities for over 50 years and disturbing it might bring about catastrophic loss to the three communities if cons are not foreseen by the leaders. The legal aspect should be made known to every member of the three communities as a slightest change could lead to losing 30% of the present 80% we enjoy today,” Marak said in a statement.

Urging the Garo, Khasi and Jaintia to stand united to preserve the 80% reservation structure in the interest of the youths of the three communities, the MDC said, “We can work out the differences internally and peacefully.”

He also asserted that the Garos are not demanding more but there has been lapses in the past which we want it to be justified.

Meanwhile, the BJP leader further warned that the tension in the state over the issue might break the unity and disrupt the peace.

His statement also came a day after the state government has constituted an expert committee to review the job reservation policy following an indefinite hunger strike staged by the VPP chief Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit.

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