AMDA seeks financial assistance for talented singers and dancers

Shillong, March 3: The All-Meghalaya Dancers’ Association (AMDA) has asked the State government to support talented dancers and singers in the state by extending financial assistance instead of spending money on various festivals.
President of AMDA, Kitbok Thabah, said that the state government should come up with policy to support the youth, especially talented dancers and singers in the state. Thabah also said that recently a group of 24 singers belonging to the Diethy Miracle Choice Choir, who were selected for the reality show Rising Star, could not participate in the show because of financial constraints.
The Association also urged the State government to introduce dancing and singing as subject in the school right from the primary to secondary level.
“The government should introduce a proper system for extending financial help to dancers and singers because entertainment is one of the avenues that can generate employment opportunities for the youth of the state,” AMDA said.
Asking the government to introduce special financial assistance to promote talented dancers and singers from across the state, AMDA asked legislators to also discuss the issue in the upcoming budget session of the Assembly.

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