Alpons slams ‘peace, prosperity and stability’ claims by Congress

Shillong Feb 23: Union minister of state for tourism, Alphons Kannanthanam on Friday slammed Congress claims of peace, prosperity and stability in the state and said that Congress president, Rahul Gandhi has insulted the people and Churches in Meghalaya by accusing the BJP of buying Churches with money.

Alphons told reporters at the BJP office here that the Central government had sanctioned around Rs 70 crore for developing infrastructure not only for Churches, but Temples, Mandirs, Gurudwaras, Mosques, and places of worship including for Indigenous faith.

Stating that the Congress was in power in Delhi for 70 years, and 40 of 45 years in Meghalaya, Alphons asked, “What have you done for Christians in Meghalaya? You have given nothing for the Northeast in 70 years and did nothing for Meghalaya. Now, if the government is doing something for Christians you are saying bribing the Church. It is very shameful that the president of a national party is insulting Churches in Meghalaya.”

When asked if the negative perception on the Rs 70-crore package was only of the Congress or the people and Churches in the state, Alphons said that the package was discussed with Church leaders and the money was allotted in consultation with them.

“When I met Church leaders, none of them said anything and I did not see any perception on the Church,” he said.

Alleging breakdown of law and order especially when NCP candidate, Jonathone N Sangma was killed in Williamnagar, Alphons said that even Meghalaya home minister, H.D.R. Lyngdoh own son also run a guest house where a young girl was sexually exploited.

“Is this peace you are talking about? Where is prosperity? There are no schools and teachers, students have to walk for hours to go to high school, no medical college for students to pursue medical despite laying of foundation stones, no technical schools, no jobs, no hospitals, doctors, nurses and no medicines across the state. There is no electricity and people face frequent power cut. Despite sufficient rainfall, there is no water and people did not get proper drinking water. There is no proper healthcare and women are dying while delivering babies,” he said, while stating that the Congress has no right to seek vote again.

Stating that the Prime Minister has clearly stated that to have or retain or adopt a religion or belief is a personal choice, Alphons said attacks on Christians in other places cannot be denied but one should not judge the Prime Minister and the government by isolated incidents that happened somewhere in a population of billion citizens.

” There are crazy people who created trouble but action was taken against such people, and we condemned such acts,” he said.

On anti-conversion law in some states, Alphons asked “Who has introduced anti-conversion law in 1968,1986 and 1988? It was the Congress and successive Congress-led government.”

On beef ban imposed in other states as well as cow vigilantes, Alphons said that what to eat the people of Meghalaya will decide.

Despite the campaign against BJP in this election, Alphons said, “we strongly believed that the people will not listen to false propagandas spread by the Congress. We are winning and we will form the government on our own in Meghalaya.”

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