70 students join AITC

SHILLONG, FEB 6: On Monday, over 70 students joined Meghalaya TMC Students’ Union in the presence of Students’ Union President Bansharailang Pyngrope, at the State Party Office, Lower Lachaumiere.

In an effort to strengthen the party’s vision of progress and development, Meghalaya TMC Students’ Union is leaving no stone unturned.

In the past few weeks, many supporters have joined Meghalaya TMC Students’ Union including Salman Sangma, former GSU Ampati President.

The Students’ Union has also been holding regular interactions with the youth of Sohryngkham village in Mawryngkneng and Nongsder village in Umsning.

Youngsters across the state have bestowed their faith in the 10 Pledges of Meghalaya TMC and have joined the party. In the 10 pledges, Meghalaya TMC vows to provide a better future to the youth through schemes such as MYE Card and by facilitating digital education.

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