57 candidates file nomination on Friday

Lok Sabha Election, 2024: Report of the State-wide Progressive Seizures

SHILLONG, FEB 3: As many as fifty-seven candidates on Friday filed their nominations for the upcoming elections slated to be held on February 27.


These include cabinet minister Dasakhiatbha Lamare (Nongkrem), PDF MLA Gavin Miguel Mylliem (Sohra), AITC candidate Sunida Bareh (Khliehriat), UDP MLA Brolding Nongsiej (Mawthadraishan), NPP MLA Macmillan Byrsat (Nongstoin), NPP MLA Gigur Myrthong (Mawshynrut), NPP MLA Kimfa Sydney Marbaniang (Rambrai-Jyrngam), UDP MLA Pius Marwein (Ranikor), Congress MDC Gabriel Wahlang (Nongstoin), Congress MDC Carnes Sohshang (Mawkyrwat), NPP MLA Marcuise N Marak (Williamnagar), AITC MLA SG Esmatur Mominin (Phulbari) NPP candidate Shemphang Lyngdoh (Mawhati), NPP MDC Macdalyn Sawkmie Mawlong (Nongpoh), NPP MLA Sosthenes Sohtun and Congress candidate Adrian Lambert Mylliem from Jirang, NPP candidate Damanbait Lamare (Umroi), Congress candidate Marbud Dkhar (Mawlai), NPP MLA Mohendro Rapsang (West Shillong), Independent candidate Jubanlang Kharbihkhiew (Pynthorumkhrah), former MLA and UDP candidate HDR Lyngdoh (Sohiong), Congress candidate Sardonik Nongkhlaw (Nongkrem), Congress candidate S Osborn Kharjana (Sohiong), Congress candidate Dannyson Kurbah (Mawphlang), Congress candidate Gopal Stone Hynniewta (Mawsynram), AITC candidate Playness Khiewtam (Shella), former minister and independent candidate Donkupar Massar (Pynursla), Congress candidate Nehru Suting (Pynursla), Congress candidate Pynhunlang Nongrum (Mawkynrew) and others.


So far 81 candidates have filed their nominations during the last four days of filing of nomination.

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