296 IMFL licenses issued in Meghalaya in compliance with Apex court order

Shillong, March 17: Meghalaya has 296 Indian Made Foreign Liqour (IMFL) shops after complying with Supreme Court order on setting up of liquor shops on highways and places close to place of worships, hospitals and educational institutions.

To a query by Opposition MLA of the United Democratic Party (UDP), Jemino Mawthoh, Excise Minister, Zenith Sangma informed the State Assembly that prior to compliance of the Apex Court order and amendment of the Meghalaya excise rules there were 581 Indian Made Foreign Liqour (IMFL) licenses issued.

He said that the policy of the State government in respect of opening and running of liquor shops and bar is according to provisions of the Meghalaya excise act, Meghalaya excise rules and in compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court.

The Excise Minister also said that the total excise revenue collected during 2013-2014, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, was over Rs 162 crore, Rs 151 crore, and Rs 170 crore respectively.

On revenue during 2016-17, Sangma said that till January this year, the excise revenue collected was over Rs 127 crore.

When Jemino asked if there is a plan to legalise country made liquor in the state, the Minister answered in the affirmative even as he informed that such liquor in Jaintia Hills has been recognised.

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