10.49% out of 3,000 MW hydro potential for Meghalaya

Shillong, March 31: According to the report Meghalaya enjoys 10.49% of its electricity instead of 3,000 MW hydro potential. Meghalaya has a hydroelectricity potential of 3,000 MW, which is about three per cent of the total hydel potential of the country.

Finger pointed towards  Meghalaya Power Generation Corporation Limited for the failure to prepare long-term plans incorporating projects to be implemented as per the Meghalaya Power Policy, 2007.

Comptroller and Auditor-General (CAG) in year ending report found that the failure to priorities project and  non- prepared with any perspective or annual business plan, as a major cause that leads Meghalaya to starve instead of being well sufficient in generating hydro power.

CAG recommended that the state energy corporation was required to formulate long-term perspective plans prioritizing the projects for implementation in line with the policy. It also needed to prepare annual action plans fixing stage-wise milestones for the projects to be taken up for implementation, capital outlay, funding pattern, target for completion.


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