UDP-HSPDP alliance announces seat-sharing formula for 36 seats in Khasi-Jaiñtia

Shillong, July 19: The United Democratic Party (UDP) and Hill State People Democratic Party (HSPDP) that forged a pre-poll alliance recently, have finalized the sharing of seats for the forthcoming Assembly election to be held early next year.
The UDP and HSPDP have forged the pre-poll alliance only for 36 Assembly segments in Khasi and Jaiñtia Hills, whereas the UDP forged a pre-poll alliance with the Garo National Council (GNC) for the 24 Assembly seats in Garo Hills.
The announcement regarding the seat-sharing formula agreed by the UDP and HSPDP was announced through a statement issued here by secretary of the UDP–HSPDP Regional Democratic Alliance Co – Ordination Committee, Dr. Kara Shen.
The Co–ordination Committee which met here on Wednesday, resolved that the distribution of seats in Khasi-Jaintia region would be 17 seats for the UDP, 10 seats for the HSPDP, and 9 seats have been categorized as “open seats.”
The seats for the UDP include – Khliehriat, Amlarem, Jowai, Raliang, Nartiang, Mawsynram, Shella, Pynursla, Nongthymmai, East Shillong, West Shillong, Mawlai, Umsning, Mawhati, Nongpoh, Ranikor and Mairang.
The seats reserved for the HSPDP include Sutnga-Saipung, Nongkrem, Mylliem, Mawphlang, South Shillong, Jirang, Pynthor, Nongstoin, Rambrai and Mawkyrwat.
However the 9 open seats where both the UDP and HSPDP would field their candidates include, Mookaiaw, North Shillong, Mawthadraishan, Mawshynrut, Mawryngkneng, Sohiong, Umroi, Sohra and Mawkynrew.

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