There is no scam: Meghalaya deputy CM

There is no scam: Meghalaya deputy CM

SHILLONG, FEB 21: NPP national vice president and deputy chief minister Prestone Tynsong on Tuesday categorically denied the allegation made by the Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma with regards to the Mawpdang land scam involving over Rs 140 crore and said a leader who spends so much time in alleging other political parties only show signs of his downfall.

“It is not a scam. How can you say a scam? What scam is he (Mukul) talking about? The procedure is there. As I said to you when we acquired (the land), the assessment was done by the district collector, by revenue. It is not that it was just blindly done by me or by Conrad but the procedures are in place. Then step by step it comes from the urban affairs and then it goes to the revenue department and then it comes to the cabinet and then we approve it,” Tynsong told reporters.

Mukul had claimed that the MDA government has been exposed of corruption and demanded immediate probe into an alleged land scam at Mawpdang involving financial discrepancies amounting to over Rs 140 crore.

Tynsong also questioned the motive of the Leader of Opposition to spend so much time in throwing allegations at the MDA government and said, “I am afraid he (Mukul) may lose the election.”

He said a person who spends maximum time in alleging another person or other political parties do not actually have any agenda except to “allege, allege and allege”.

The deputy chief minister said he is quite sure that from tomorrow till February 26, the leader of opposition will come up with new allegations against the NPP adding “But from February 27, he will go and sleep. He will not talk anymore about the allegations because the voting ended up to 4 pm in the evening.”

Stating that such baseless allegations only indicate Mukul’s downfall, Tynsong said, “Therefore, I am telling you a leader who spends more time in alleging other political parties means it is a sign of downfall.”

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