Section 144 CrPC Imposed within Pynursla

Shillong, Aug.22: The Sub Divisional Magistrate, Pynursla Civil Sub-Division, East Khasi Hills District, has promulgated an Order under Section 144 CrPC in  order to prevent danger to human life, health and safety and to safeguard the environment restraining any person, company or authority from illegal stone quarrying and sand mining in the hill slope and removal of sand from river-bed without obtaining permission/license from the competent authority.

The Order has come in view of the report received that that illegal stone quarrying and sand mining on the hill slopes and removal of sand from river beds are taking place in various parts of Pynursla Civil Sub Division and such indiscriminate stone quarrying and sand mining especially along the Shillong – Dawki road which has led to the constant out flow of stones/ boulders and sands from these quarries into the rivers and down from the hills slopes which lead to destruction of vegetation on the slopes and damages the water sources and destroyed the aquatic life, besides polluting the rivers making such rivers no longer fit for drinking purposes etc.
Moreover, the National Green Tribunal, Principal Bench, New Delhi, has issued an Order which restraints any person, company, authority from carry out any mining of limestone, sand stones, boulder, and sand or removal of sand from river beds without obtaining license or permit from competent authority.
This order comes into force with immediate effect and shall remain in force until further orders.

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