Section 144 CrPC imposed on public roads

Shillong, June 15: The ADC in charge, Pynursla Civil Sub Division has passed an order under Section 144 CrPC for closing down of the Pynursla-Nongmadan road, and prohibited all commuter/motorist or pedestrians not to use the road to prevent from any untoward incident.

The order has been passed in view of the reports received by the Executive Engineer PWD (Roads) Shillong South Division that due to heavy downpour during the past few days, the retaining wall of the Pynursla-Nongmadan road has collapsed.

“The collapsed portion of the said road now poses great danger to the road users and pedestrians due to its deep and steep gorge. Such hazards pose evident danger to commuters and pedestrians if necessary immediate measures to prevent such danger are not taken,” the order said.

An alternate route on NH-40 from Jaklon to Nongmandan can be used by the local people pending completion of the construction of the said retaining wall.
Meanwhile, West Jaintia Hills the District Magistrate has promulgated an order under Section 144 CrPC prohibiting plying of overloaded trucks of one and two axles, coal laden trucks, and over loading of other material beyond permissible limit through Pasyih-Mynso-Mookynshnain road, Shangpung-Sutgna road, Raliang-Sahniang road, Laskein-Barato road, Pasyih-Garampani road, Jowai-Nartiang-Kdiap-Khanduli road, Nartiang-Nongpoh road, Ummulong-Tyrshang-Bamkamar road, Lad Mukhla-Nongbah–Kyndong Tuber road (LNKT Road).

The order has been issued in view of complaints received from the public and on the reports received from the Executive Engineer, PWD (Roads) North Jowai Division that plying of over loaded trucks causes obstruction, annoyance to the general public which may result in disturbance to public tranquility and cause damages to the roads. The order came into force with immediate effect and shall remain in force until further orders.

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