Shillong,Apr.  27: Cabinet minister and Congress leader Ronnie V Lyngdoh today said that the people of the state would not want to be under the Assamese domination again.

 Ridiculing the recent claim of BJP leader from Assam Himanta Biswa Sarma that the BJP will form the next government in Meghalaya, Lyngdoh said, “A lot of people (in the late 60s upto early 70s) have fought to be free from Assamese domination to have our own statehood. Now why would we want to be under the Assamese domination again.”

 “That means all the struggles, efforts and sacrifices made by those people who fought for statehood will go in vain and it would be a great dishonor if we agree to be under Himanta Biswa Sarma.”

 He also said why the people of the state would allow somebody like Himanta, who could not even run his own state, to decide on their behalf.

 “Sorry Himanta Biswa Sarma we will decide our own destiny and our own fate…you look after your own state and we will look after our own state as we have enough efficient leaders to run the affairs of our state,” he added.

 Reacting to the BJP leader prediction about the Congress fate in 2018, the Urban Affairs Minister said, “They (BJP) cannot take the wisdom of the people of Meghalaya for granted… people of Meghalaya are wiser enough to decide whom they will elect to govern them as we are not Manipuris and Arunachalees.”

 Sarma had also stated earlier that the Meghalaya is the worst performing state in the North East region under the present Mukul Sangma led Congress state government.

 Lyngdoh however said that people are always the best judge but not Sarma.

 “In 2018 they will give a verdict. Now who is HImanta to say whether we are the best or the worst performing state,” he said.


Stating that the BJP has no future in Meghalaya, Lyngdoh further pointed out that the main reason is because of the Centre’s demonetization drive which its negative impact is still being faced by the people especially farmers.

 “In Mylliem, people are still facing tremendous hardship especially the dairy farmers… Mr Modi you will be exposed as in the name of helping the poor, you are doing great disservice,” he said.

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