Request govt. to support me: Dismissed BSF jawan

New Delhi , April 20: Visibly disappointed over his dismissal from the Border Security Force (BSF) over his viral video of poor food conditions for jawans, Tej Bahadur Yadav on Wednesday requested the government to support him and asserted that if he did not get the support, he would move the judiciary.

“I will request the government to support me on this issue. If the government is not able to take any action, then I will proceed to court. I have filed my plea to all higher ministers and departments and I wish that they stand and come in support of me,” he said.

My request to the government is to listen to what the Indian soldiers have to say. We don’t want increase in our salary or facilities, but good food and holidays on time,” he added.

A day before, Yadav said that he will move the High Court over the matter and seek justice.

Bahadur received his dismissal orders around 12:00 pm today and moved out of the cantonment with his belongings in a three-ton truck.

“I was dismissed from the BSF today, but I still have the proof with me about the video I had posted on the poor quality of the food. I am yet to get justice and I will take this matter to the High Court, as I have faith in the system,” Yadav told ANI here.

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