Regional parties call back No-confidence motion against Syiem-led EC

Shillong, June 21: The Opposition regional political parties on Wednesday called back the no-confidence motion they have moved against the P.N. Syiem-led Executive Committee in KHADC.
Prior to the sitting of the House on the second day of the summer session, United Democratic Party (UDP) member, Teiñwell Dkhar submitted the no confidence motion, but withdrew it few minutes later.
After resuming the House for the day after a delay by almost half an hour, KHADC Chairman, L.G. Nongsiej informed the House that his office had received a copy of the No-confidence motion, but the motion was “withdrawn” after a while.
Speaking to reporters, Dkhar, who is also the UDP parliamentary party leader, said that he has not withdrawn the No-confidence motion, but recalled it after realizing the need to ensure smooth passing of the Council’s budget.
“We have only recalled the No-confidence motion and we shall move it again during this current session,” Dkhar said.
The full budget of the KHADC for the year 2017-2018, tabled by the CEM on Tuesday, is likely to be passed on Friday, the last day of the four-day summer session of the Council.
Independent MDC Pyniaid Sing Syiem said that there was no harm in recalling the No confidence motion as per Rules, adding that the rules did not bar for moving the No confidence motion again.
Meanwhile, the KHADC CEM (Syiem) expressed confidence that the ruling People Democratic Forum (PDF) would survive even if the No confidence motion is moved against the Executive Committee.
“We welcome their decision to move the NC but the fact is that they do not have the number (to topple the EC),” he said while informing that the PDF is still having the support of 15 members.
The three regional political parties – UDP, HSPDP and KHNAM, have withdrawn support from PDF on the ground that they have been blackmailed by the CEM, who exploited the Forum, and divided the regional political parties’ that have been supporting him in Council, for the formation of the new political party under the name ‘People Democratic Front.’
The new political outfit was launched in March this year.

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