CM in reply to HNLC’s statement : Meghalaya

Shillong, May 21: The office of Chief Minister issued a statement against HNLC today over its allegations made by them few days ago .

In a statement the CMO said, “The statement of the HNLC claiming that the Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma is sending any feelers to the HNLC is false, fabricated and malicious. The GOM under the leadership of Dr Mukul Sangma has maintained a transparent and consis-tent position vis-a-vis dealing with terrorist and unlawful organizations operating in the state.
The government has created an enabling environment for any member of the militant or terrorist outfits to withdraw themselves from their respective organizations and assimilate themselves with the national mainstream thus participate in the development and growth process of the state. This option is always available to any remaining members of any militant or terrorist organization including the HNLC.
While the platform is available for all those who seek peace and development, the state has already strengthened and prepared its internal security apparatus to deal with and bring to jus-tice those who wage war against our own people and the Nation.
It is further reiterated that Dr Mukul Sangma and the Indian National Congress do not and will not, directly or indirectly use or associate with any criminal or terrorist organization. Restora-tion of peace for prosperity of all on sustainable basis remains as the committed agenda of the state government as per the manifesto of the Indian National Congress.
Dr Mukul Sangma the chief Minister and the Indian National Congress ho our and respect the wisdom of the people of the state who collectively decide and mandate any leadership and po-litical party to serve the people and the state to help each individual realize their respective dreams commensurately to their respective and collective potentiality.
Further the Chief Minister has taken a serious note of this malicious press release and directed all the authorities under the government to further investigate and take action as per law. It is further being reiterated that if any member or leader of any political party, whether INC or any political iCal party, is trying to collude, conspire or hobnob with any member of the HNLC, GNLA or any banned outfit, be it clear that they are not legally authorized and will be doing at their own risk and the law of the land shall prevail. We may refresh our memories that criminalization of politics have taken a serious toll on the overall well-being of the state and has been a reason for the backwardness of the state as a whole. The government reaffirms its commitment to deal, as per law, with all those indulging in the criminalization of politics at the cost of the interests of the people and the state as a whole.”

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