Police Advisory on Cyber Crime

Shillong, March 3 :  Of late there has been many instances in which general public are lured to part away with their debit card/credit card details like card number, pin number etc., and their hard earned money is taken away by criminals who pose themselves as Bank officials. Also some advertisements are posted in the Newspaper or Social Media where it is informed that there is a mass recruitment for any job thereby innocent job seekers are lured to deposit money in the pretext of registration fee, processing etc., or lured with handsome pay where ultimately job aspirants are dragged into human trafficking.

Disturbing anti-religious/anti-national/obscene videos/pictures/messages are also being circulated/shared in masses without verifying its authenticity or realizing that the same may have adverse effects on the minds of the person receiving it. There also has been instances where facebook users were duped of huge amount of money from unknown facebook friends who pose themselves as foreign nationals and pretends to send gifts/parcels.

In view of the above, general public are hereby requested not to disclose their ATM Card/Debit Card/Credit Card details to any person, as the Bank officials never make a call to its customers or ask for the details of ATM Card/Debit Card and not to fall prey to any fake job offer, not to share/circulate any disturbing/anti-religious/anti-national/obscene videos/pictures/messages in any Social Media Platform and Facebook users are advised to refuse friend request from unknown entities/strangers.

Be safe while surfing online, if any crime occurs or if in case any suspicious activity is seen, please report the matter to the nearest Police Station or Cyber Assistance Cell at Telephone number: +91-364-2504001, Mobile number: +91-9615191002 , Email ID: ccw-meg@gov.in.

This was informed by the Spl. Superintendent of Police (CID), Meghalaya, Shillong.

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