Pathetic Condition of Roads


The condition of the roads is in a pathetic condition in the Mawlai Nongpdeng areas (adjacent to Mawlai Nonglum). There are numerous potholes from the Junction enter which is opposite to Mawlai Motsyiar, it irks the people whole of Mawlai who happen to travel form this area especially parents whose kids are studying at May Queen School. The stretch entering from Mawlai Nongpdeng to Mawlai Wahumkhrah is in a very bad shape. This is no road at all.

Would request our honourable representative’s of Mawlai Constituency, to drive along this stretch and experience the problems faced by the people who elected them. Why this road which link for all the common people who go for the work, schoos, Colleges, hospital etc, is left to deteriorate to this extent. This is a million dollar question? Dear leaders are you waiting to work a month before the next 2018 assembly poll?


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