Nongkhlaw Clan Myntri urges KHADC to cancel suspension order

Shillong, July 24: A suspended myntri (minister) of Nongkhlaw Clan, J. Nongkhlaw on Monday urged the Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC) to take into consideration the rectified Mylliem Act and cancel the suspension order.

Addressing media persons here, Nongkhlaw said that he was suspended by KHADC just because the word “Nongkhlaw Rngi” was missing from the Mylliem Act.

He however said that the mistake has been now rectified by the District Council Affairs (DCA) department of the state government in a recent order published in the Meghalaya Gazette on July 13.

According to him, the DCA has corrected at least 41 words wrongly printed in the original Mylliem Act.

“Going by the rectified Act, I am apparently eligible to be the myntri representing the Nongkhlaw Clan,” Nongkhlaw said while informing that he was elected as the myntri by the Dorbar of Nongkhlaw Rngi Clan as per custom and tradition and also as per the Mylliem Act.

He however stated that typing error in the Mylliem Act has created a lot of confusion among the members of the Clan.

Meanwhile, the suspended myntri urged the district council and the Syiem of Hima Mylliem to streamline the issue as per the rectified Mylliem Act.

“I urged the authorities of the district council and the Hima to follow the rectified Act to ensure that all confusions are removed at the earliest,” he added.

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