Mukul inaugurates two suspension bridges

Shillong, July 13: Two suspension foot bridges over river Daru and Rajarongchu were inaugurated by Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma at Ampati on Thursday.
The bridge at Rajarongchu spanning 120 meters and Daru spanning 60 meters were sponsored by SIDF under the Border Areas Development department.
Lauding the department of Border Areas Development, Dr Sangma said that the two bridges would immensely benefit the people of the areas.
The Chief Minister said that completion of the bridges within a given time frame was itself a challenge which reflected dedication of the concerned officers towards the people of the region.
On the need to uphold traditional customary laws pertaining to A•king land, Dr Sangma urged everyone gathered to look back and learn from ancestors.
“Land laws given down generation to generation dictates that a certain portion of the land is kept aside for right of way for the community,” Dr Sangma said, while stating that the government was also facing hurdles in the implementation of schemes due to want of land.

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