Miscreants attack family of TMC MLA at Umroi

SHILLONG, FEB 22: A group of miscreants on Monday attacked the family members of AITC state vice president and Umroi legislator George B Lyngdoh outside their residence at Umroi Labansaro village.

In a police complaint filed at the Khapmara PIC, Ri Bhoi district, Therezia A Syiem, wife of George B Lyngdoh, said that a group of men attacked, harassed, and threatened her along with her brothers on Monday night. She also stated that despite four calls to the local police station, there was no help or assistance in the matter.

According to the complainant, a vehicle appeared outside her house at around 12:15 am on Monday night playing loud music. Upon spotting the complainant, the accused persons also engaged in verbal harassment. Despite two calls to the local police officers, no one came to the family’s rescue.

Having no other option, the complainant approached the car requesting them to reduce the volume as her three-year-old son was unwell. However, she was attacked by the men who tried to drag her inside the car leading to multiple physical injuries.

When the complainant’s brothers stepped out to help her, the miscreants drove away. The family tried to nab the rowdy gang by following them. However, much to their dismay, they were intercepted by a larger group at the Umroi Nongrah village where the culprits viciously attacked the complainant and her kin.

“Out of the said gathering, some of them started physically assaulting the undersigned and her brothers, including the driver of the vehicle,” stated the police complaint.

“In the process of assaulting the undersigned, they had also outraged her modesty. One person….kicked the undersigned on her legs and stomach while others were provoking the gathering/their friends to kill my brother…by putting a rope around his neck and dragged him towards the crowd.”

While the group managed to escape the spot, their ordeal didn’t end. After the complainant returned to her house in Umroi Labansaro village, the miscreants followed them back and engaged in nuisance yet again. Despite two calls to the police between 3-4 AM, no help was sent to protect the family from the unruly gang outside their house.

“It appeared that the police intentionally did not turn up so that those individuals involved in the incident could carry out their nefarious motive. It is unfortunate to point out that if the police had taken cognizance on the basis of information given by my husband, the said culprit(s) could have been arrested for creating nuisance, physically assaulting, and outraging the modesty of a woman,” the complainant wrote.

She also added that incident came only a few days after a WhatsApp message was circulated asking people from the village to inform them if MLA George B Lyngdoh was conducting house visits in the area. “It is apparent from the said message that the said individual had some ill-motive against the undersigned and my husband,” the complainant wrote.

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