Meghalaya : Sightseers risk their lives for Selfie

Shillong,July 10:  Tourists have been spotted dangerously with the never-ending pursuit of the perfect shot to share on social media which has sparked a troubling trend right from youngster to children. Selfies have endanger the lives of photographers and the people around them.Despite the risk, people around the world intent on taking incredibly risky selfies . 
People do not forget to capture a moments in their camera when visiting to a new place with their family or friends taking different angle of selfies to publicize their happiness through social media. No hesitation to take any risks in the affair of Selfie.
There have been many such incidents in the country where the main reason behind the accident has been revealed as Selfie. Regardless of this, Somewhere – there is also negligence by the tourism department.
Excited to post their selfie through the social media showing the beautiful place  people intent to forget the do and don’t of the place. This incident has happen in our country earlier too.
Cherrapunji with the historic name Sohra is credited as being the wettest place on Earth,and every year a large number of tourist throught out the world visit here.
A few such scenes have been  noticed in Mawsmai – Nongthymmai Eco Park.Where tourist go crazy on reaching the spot neglecting the do and don’t written on the board.Water is falling down in the form of waterfalls,which is understood how slippery it would be if the foot is step one would fall down and may lead to death.Despite knowing the fact people are not paying any heeds to the notice. 
Is it worthwhile to take risks for selfies. At present, does the  Meghalaya tourism department takes any step in this direction whether the place is viewable or not with water channels in high altitude areas pose?

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