Manipur: Road construction work stopped by Civil Society Organisations

Ukhrul (Manipur) , April 29: Roads are the lifelines of society and good road is the pathway towards development which in returns brings sustainability, economic growth and uplifts the livelihoods of the people.

 To maintain good roads in the region, Ministry of Road Transport and Highway sanctioned Rs. 1,600 crore in 2015 for the 115km long in Manipur state starting from (Dungrei Junction) Ukhrul via Toloi to Tadubi road which is NH-102 (A).

 The road construction was executed by the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation.

 Beautification of road had been received with much appreciation from the people in the region as the roads have not been repaired for very long time.

 The people of the region have suffered for long due to deteriorating roads and ever increasing potholes on roads.

 However, various Civil Society Organisations from Ukhrul district have stopped the ongoing work alleging the blatant violation of construction norms by the contractor.

 According to the eye witnesses, the work constructor did not follow the construction steps where existing surface was not clean by removing the remnants.

 Moreover, as per the video circulation on social media, the black topping thickness seems to be an inch thick which caused against the actual thickness as per the guidelines of MoRD Specifications for Rural Roads.

 The civil society members have appealed to the higher authorities to look upon the matters.

 Moreover, a meeting has been fixed between the civil society members and the contractor. (ANI)

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