Maitshaphrang Movement advocates marriage act : Meghalaya

Shillong,May 23: Maitshaphrang Movement, Convenor,Micheal Syiem today said, “If we continue to be in a denial mode we will find that in matrilineal Meghalaya, especially among the Khasis, where marriage registration is not compulsory for both Christians and non-Christians, dissolution of marriage will be more “regressive” than Triple Talaqs and negative writings about our society will keep appearing in some form or the other.”

He made the statement based on the website ‘Loopoocoo’ which portrayed Khasi woman  with loose character who move freely in and out of marriages which as posted in Face Book recently.

While speaking to Shillong Today  regarding an article that appeared in a website Loopoocoo  “ way back in 1983-84 an article appeared in Illustrated Weekly, about a Khasi woman married to a drunkard Khasi man having an affair with a man from Delhi, Then, we had confiscated all available magazines from outlets in Shillong, brunt them and wrote to the editor for apology.” But along the years many more writings articles from mainland India and abroad began to appear portraying Khasi men and woman in poor light e.g. Femina, Telegraph, articles from Australia, Germany, social media, etc.,” he informed.

“In May 2nd 2010 an article in one local newspaper here by Paramita Lahiri Muller translates a Bengali novel ‘Biloris about “plains people” from Bengal and Assam who came with the British to the Khasi Hills many who had wife and children back home but kept Khasi woman as “concubines” and children born from such relationships. “Very often grew up without knowing their father,” he said.

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