KJFWRA says fishes from Andhra are fresh and fit for consumption

Shillong, May 25: The Khasi Jaiñtia Fish Wholesaler and Retailer Association (KJFWRA) yesterday said that the supply of fish from Andhra Pradesh is, and has always been fresh, and the supply of fish to Meghalaya from Andhra is sufficient.

“To say that the supply of fish to our state is less and that even after importing fishes from places like Andhra Pradesh we are still not able to fill the shortage is highly misconstrued, misleading and it is a mere over-statement without knowing the facts,” a statement issued by the KJFWRA said.

The KJFWRA has been in the fish trade supplying to various places in the entire Khasi and Jaiñtia hills for years even before the State Aqua Mission was launched in 2012.

“The supply of fish from Andhra Pradesh is and has always been fresh right from the time fishes are caught by fishing nets from the ponds in non-toxic thermacol boxes till the time they reach here in Meghalaya at various hubs,” the statement said.

The trucks are driven by professionally trained drivers who reach here in 5 to 6 days and also drive all the way down to other states like Tripura, Manipur, Nagaland etc.

“The fishes are packed and graded accordingly to ensure their freshness and quality till they reach that consumers at the market. That some so-called fish farmers or beneficiaries who claim to own and supply local fishes and term the fishes from Andhra Pradesh as not fit for human consumption is grossly misleading and unacceptable to the association,” the statement said.

The Association reiterated that fishes sell in the markets are fresh, healthy and good for human consumption and there are no such chemical reactions or solvents added and urged customers to have faith “as we also consume same fishes that are sold to our respected customers.”

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