KHNAM demands interrogation against CM for association with drug kingpin

KHNAM demands interrogation against CM for association with drug kingpin

SHILLONG, SEP 19: The Khun Hynniewtrep National Awakening Movement (KHNAM) on Tuesday demanded interrogation against the Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma for his alleged association with a drug kingpin from Mizoram.

The demand came following allegations made by opposition AITC leader and former chief minister Mukul Sangma in the Assembly here.


Mukul had presented a photograph of Conrad, his wife and Henry Lalremsanga, who was arrested on April 23, 2013 in connection with the seizure of Rs six crore worth, banned pseudoephedrine tablets.


“The disclosure made today in the autumn house about the association of our CM with the kingpin of these substances do put a question on the issue and as per law the CM too has to be interrogated for the interest of justice and safety of your citizens,” KHNAM working president Thomas Passah said in a statement.


Further, the KHNAM has also demanded that disposal of drugs seized by the State police should be done in front of the press and media for transparency.


Passah said one of the questions that general public at large have is regarding the disposal of the Narcotic and psychotropic substance in the State of Meghalaya.


He said the Narcotic and psychotropic substance Act 1985 Govt of India section 52A provides for disposal of seized narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and subsection (2) (3) and (4) of this section further elaborate on procedures of disposal of these substances which may be required having regard to the hazardous nature, vulnerability to theft, substitution, constraint of proper storage space or any other relevant consideration, in respect of any narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, controlled substances or conveyances, by notification in the Official Gazette.


“To ensure that drugs are eradicated from our beloved state the Government will need the cooperation of the General public at large and for that to happen the people need to trust the Govt first. Therefore we strongly suggest that disposal of such substances be done as per the procedures listed in the act and in front of the press and media for transparency,” he said.

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