Jolt to Syiem-led PDF as regional parties pull out support

Shillong, June 19: Three regional political parties – UDP, HSPDP and KHNAM – decided to pull out support from the ruling People Democratic Forum (PDF) in KHADC, being led by suspended Congress member and Chief Executive Member (CEM), Pynshngaiñlang N. Syiem.

Seven MDCs which comprised of three UDP members, three HSPDP members and one KHNAM member submitted to the CEM a joint letter her on Monday regarding their decision to withdraw support from the PDF coalition.

The MDCs include, Teinwell Dkhar, Donkupar Sumer and Equator L Nongrang of the UDP, Teilinia Thangkhiew, Samlin Malngiang and Blanding Warjri of the HSPDP, and Adelbert Nongrum of KHNAM.

They have also submitted the letter to the KHADC Chairman, LG Nongsiej for making necessary sitting arrangement in the House.

The decision of the seven MDCs to come out of the PDF came one day ahead of the Summer Session of the KHADC which will begin on Tuesday.

Now the strength of the present Executive Committee led by Syiem has only the support of BJP (1), NCP (1) and 9 Independents.

Speaking to reporters after submitting the letter, UDP MDC, Teinwell Dkhar accused the KHADC CEM of blackmailing the regional political parties by misusing the PDF (Forum) to facilitate the launch of his new regional party.

“The sudden decision to convert the forum into a political front has divided the existing regional parties,” he said while citing that the KHNAM is now left with only one MDC.

UDP MDC, Donkupar Sumer accused the CEM of interfering into the constituencies of the regional political parties despite being part of the coalition (Forum) by putting up candidates for the upcoming Assembly election in 2018.

On the other hand, HSPDP MDC Samlin Malngiang said that the party shared similar concerns on the decision of the CEM to convert the forum into a front and alleged that issues of district council are being diverted due to this.

Meanwhile, the KHNAM MDC Adelbert Nongrum said that his party was totally disappointed with the present EC which has failed to take up serious issues like amendment of the AD Rules.

Nongrum said that the CEM has failed to pay heed to the demand of the party to amend Section 128 of the AD Rules, which allows non-indigenous people to participate in the election process of the district council.

When asked, UDP leader said, “The present EC has lost its majority and the CEM should immediately take moral responsibility by stepping down. If he fails, we would move a no-confidence against Syiem during the Session.”

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