Instigators under scanner over lynching of rape accused

Shillong, July 10: Police have registered a murder case in connection with the lynching of a rape accused at Nongkseh, Upper Shillong.

The accused, Yaqub Khan Nongkynrih succumbed to injuries after he was assaulted by the mob at Nongkseh on Saturday evening. He was accused of raping an 11-year old girl, and lewd photographs of the girl were seen in the mobile phone of Yaqub by her brother.

“We have registered a murder case coupled with obstruction of public servants from discharging their duties, when they reached the spot trying to rescue the accused who was assaulted by the mob,” Superintendent of Police (City), Vivek Syiem said Monday.

According to police, Yakub succumbed to injuries in a hospital here.

So far, police have arrested the father and brother of the girl for their role in assaulting the accused.

“We are identifying people involved in the incident including instigators. People cannot take the law into their own hands. Since they have taken the law into their hands, the law will now go after those responsible for the incident,” Syiem said, while terming incident “unfortunate”

Syiem said that since the accused has already died, it would be difficult to investigate the case, adding that the law take its own course against those involved in the incident.

The phone of Yaqub allegedly containing lewd photographs of the girl was seized by police.

“The accused has already died and it would be difficult to proceed with the case further. Instead, we now have to go after people involved in assaulting the accused which led to his death,” the SP said.

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