I don’t want Dy CEM post: Shylla

Shillong, June 27: Former KHADC chief, Hispreaching Son Shylla on Monday said that he would not accept the post of Deputy Chief Executive Member (Dy.CEM) in the present PDF-led Executive Committee and instead would play the role of a ‘coach’ in guiding the new MDCs.
“I have told the CEM not to even have such a thought of offering me with the Dy.CEM post, as I am not ready to accept,” Shylla, who is the MDC from Nongkrem, told reporters here.
Shylla was reacting against reports that he may be inducted in the People’s Democratic Forum (PDF)-led Executive Committee under the leadership of the CEM, P.N. Syiem, and occupy the Dy.CEM post.
“I wish to be known as former KHADC CEM than deputy CEM,” Shylla said.
Shylla was of the view that after so many years in politics, it was only befitting for him to play the role of a ‘coach’ to guide the new MDCs.
Shylla also reminded that he was not only the former KHADC CEM, but had also served as a cabinet minister and a deputy speaker in the State Assembly.
Reacting to a query, he said that the post of a Chairman of the KHADC would be fit for him if at all he is to be given such an offer.
Recently, Shylla has resigned from the United Democratic Party (UDP) and decided to support the ruling PDF led by Syiem who has been suspended from the Congress.
Referring to his decision to contest the upcoming Assembly elections from Nongkrem, Shylla said that he was waiting for others to join the newly floated political party – People’s Democratic Front.

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