HNLC with evidence : Sainkupar

Shillong,May 25: The banned Khasi rebel outfit – Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) today said it is open for a National Investigation Agency (NIA) into the alleged feelers sent by chief minister to seek the support of the outfit.

In a statement issued on Thursday, HNLC publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw claimed that the outfit has enough evidence to prove its allegation that the chief minister Mukul Sangma had sought its support for the 2018 elections.

He said: “We have innumerable amounts of evidence to prove that the CM wanted to use the HNLC for his party in the forthcoming elections.”

Nongtraw even threatened that the outfit is ready to submit such evidences to the Congress national president Sonia Gandhi.

“We are even ready to submit those evidences to the office of Madam Sonia Gandhi, but we shall not do that as they will be tampered by the Congress regime under the supervision of Dr Mukul Sangma,” he added.

The outfit further stated that it is open to any kind of probe and that it should starts with the National Investigation Agency (NIA) as demanded by other political parties in the state.

Nongtraw said, “If the CM is really serious about a probe then we dare him to hand over the matter at the hands of the NIA, and everything shall become transparent to the public.”

Reacting to the recent statement issued by the chief minister, who had outrightly refuting and termed the HNLC’s allegations as false and malicious, the HNLC leader, “The recent statement of the CM as a blatant lie which portrays his fears of opening a “Pandora’s box”.”

He also asked how can the CM deny the fact when even his own minister Prestone Tynsong had admitted that the government had sent feelers to the outfit.

He however said it is natural for the CM to give out insane statements as he is worried about the infighting’s within the state congress party adding that one section of the Congress supports him and the other is hell bent to bring him down.

He also lambasted the Congress high command for acting blind and deaf to all the accusations against the chief minister.

Meanwhile, the HNLC also stated that if the CM does not hand over the probe to the NIA then it shall be proved beyond doubt that he is guilty and hiding the truth.

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