HNLC to revive ‘Operation Kyllang’

Shillong, March 14:The proscribed Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) today said it would soon revive its “Operation Kyllang” to punish rapists as was done way back in 1998-2000.
Peeved with the increase of crime againts women and Children, HNLC publicity secretary Sainkupar Nongtraw said in a Statement “We are on the verge of reviving our operation Kyllang to punish rapists and this time we will not spare rapists that attack small children,”.
The Operation Kyllang was famous for punishing rapist by bolting their ears with safety-locks.
Nongtraw however warned that the punishment this time would be more stringent and it would be equivalent to capital punishment.
The outfit further lambasted the chief minister Mukul Sangma for failing to take action against the home minister while referring to the recent statement made on crimes against women and children during the ongoing Assembly session.
“The chief minister in his recent speech had mentioned about crimes committed on women but he failed to check on the home minister whose guest house was used for raping a teenage girl,” the HNLC leader said while adding “The home minister should have resigned on moral grounds thereby allowing initiation of a fair probe”.
Further questioning about the Meghalaya Houses in Delhi and Kolkata, he alleged that these Houses are also “recreational ladies club” for several high libido MLAs however he said “We would not like to name them nor tarnish their image, but the CM is all aware of these extravagant parties”.
Lambasting the Congress for allegedly defending tainted legislators, the HNLC leader said, “The Congress brigade has time and again defended several tainted MLAs including Amapreen lyngdoh, Deborah Marak, and several others.”
Meanwhile, the HNLC also lambasted the state government for its failure to address the alcohol menace which according to the outfit also has direct link with crimes against women and children.
“Why does the CM forget about alcohol menace? Every year hundreds of our youths aged from 25 to 45 die just due to alcohol related cases. The CM should start visiting hospitals and get data’s of such deaths,” Nongtraw said while adding “Most of the criminal offences against women are committed under the influence of alcohol be it rape, domestic violence and others”.
Stating that today’s youths are more into alcohol than they are into drugs, he said that the CM had taken the stand to grab the “kingpins” but the question who are these so called kingpins when not a single arrest was made so far.
He said only youths who consume drugs and small timers get arrested adding what about policemen who consume drugs and stage fake encounters. What about the drugs that are seized? Are they again auctioned to the police or the drug mafias? Although this remains a mystery.

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