Govt has done nothing to resolve water crisis, says Khongsit

Govt has done nothing to resolve water crisis, says Khongsit

SHILLONG, FEB 20: TMC candidate from Sohra Harold Firming Khongsit on Monday said that the state government’s lack of intent had aggravated the water woes of the locals.

“We have very serious problems over water in the Sohra constituency, particularly during the winter season. Around 40% of the people struggle due to drinking water crisis,” Khongsit said, explaining that people have to resort to buying water at exorbitant prices.

“The government should revamp the whole system [to resolve the water crisis]. The public health engineering system should be revamped. We have a lot of resources but yet the government cannot tap these resources to bring water closer to people as people are suffering from acute water crisis, especially in winters,” he said, adding that in many areas people have to walk several kilometres to access water.

As many as 55% households in Meghalaya do not have tap water connections keeping them from getting access to clean drinking water. Keeping this in mind, Meghalaya TMC has pledged facilitation of piped drinking water connections to all households. The assurance is a part of TMC’s 10 Pledges for Meghalaya, which will be implemented once the party is voted to power.45

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