Garo hills NGOs asks government to have tenacity of Manipur

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Shillong, Sep 11: The conglomeration of NGOs and civil societies (GSU, FAF, ADE, AYWO and FKJGP) from Garo Hills region on Saturday asked the Meghalaya government to have the tenacity of Manipur government in pursuing their demand from the Centre to implement Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the state.

“The Manipur government passed the ILP three times in the Assembly and thus putting forth their perseverance on the matter and succeeding in their demand for the implementation of ILP. The Meghalaya government should show the same seriousness on the demand for implementation of ILP in the state,” the NGOs said.

Urging the government to put more pressure on the center to expedite the implementation of ILP and the Meghalaya
Residents Safety and Security Act (MRSSA) they stated that it is for the better protection of the indigenous people of Meghalaya and arrest the ongoing drastic demographic change due to infiltration by illegal immigrants.

“So we urge the Meghalaya government and the opposition leaders to pass the ILP in the assembly again and put pressure on the Indian government,” the NGOs stated.

According to the NGOs from Garo Hills the MRSSA which got the attention of the centre due to the Look East Policy is pending.

“As we have stressed before the 13 NGOs never gave up the demand for ILP and will still fight for its implementation and we were gearing up only it was disrupted by the pandemic,” the NGOs said.

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