FIRs filed over circulation of fake news on imposition of lockdown in Shillong agglomeration

Shillong,June 2: The Kharshiing Clan has sought action against the alleged illegal entry of names of two non-tribals in the 9 Nongpoh (ST) Assembly Constituency Electoral Roll.

In the complaint submitted to the SP Ri Bhoi District, Clan adviser John F Kharshiing said, as per the affidavits made by Mithun Chanda and Mintu chand, before the ADM, Nongpoh on September 30, 2013, they had illegally change their name to Aiban Kharshiing and Vicky Kharshiing.

He said that as per email from Chief Electoral Officer, it is self explanatory, including Order dated 6th August 2015, from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner (Election Branch), Ri Bhoi District, Nongpoh, regarding the deletion of the two false names from the 9 Nongpoh (ST) Assembly Constituency Electoral Rolls.

The order also states that the name was never notified publicly, he said.

“This incident is serious as no verification /authorisation was sought from the Kharshiing Clan,” John said.

Meanwhile, the Clan has requested strong action under section 191 IPC and Section 340 CrPc and other sections be initiated against concerned witnesses /individuals /legal counsels/headmen if any who signed facilitated an illegal and false affidavit before the ADM on September 30, 2013.

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