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Shillong,April 10: The CSWO condemns the arrest of the Honest IPS Officer R Rajamarthandan, based in Assam who was arrested for giving replies to an RTI within 48 hours which is on life and liberty. Illegal detention on denial of information on his part would have lead to gross Human Right Violation. His conscience would not allow it and that is what he told us when we met him briefly as he was being produced in the Court of the SDJM at Guwahati District Court today.
He told the CSWO that “about 65 persons were detained when there was no evidence against them. The authorities have the video why are they not going through that” He also sadly said “this system of hiding truth is bad and I do not want my children to ask questions later why their father did nothing ? “
It is important to note that the RTI Act specifies that intelligence and security organizations are exempted from the application of the Act. However, it is provided that in case the demand for information pertains to allegations of corruption and human rights violations, the Act shall apply even to such institutions. Illegal detention tantamount to human Right violation and as a PIO he has done the right thing in giving the information.
Many social activists and media from Meghalaya have found this officer exemplary and outstanding in his performance and a down to earth person, as he has served in Meghalaya too as he is a Assam Meghalaya Cadre Police and his arrest would bring down morale of the Good honest Police in the force of both States.
The CSWO salutes this officer and has extended its support to this upright officer and will work together with honest Police to bring about a transparent and accountable System of Governance.

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