Conrad K Sangma likely to be sworn in as chief minister on March 7

SHILLONG, MAY 2: National People's Party (NPP) national president Conrad K Sangma on Tuesday said his party is waiting for the People Democratic Front (PDF) to take a decision on the proposed merger with the NPP "We have been engaging with them and we have been discussing with them about the possibility,” Sangma said. He said, "I am told the PDF is having a central executive committee meeting as we speak...and post that they will have a general council meeting so I think PDF leaders will be in a better position to telly ou what the decision they are taking.” When asked, Sangma said, "As of now we are only discussing the matter so we will wait for the decision that they take and accordingly decide on how to move forward."

SHILLONG, MAR 3: NPP national chief and newly elected parliamentary party leader Conrad K Sangma on Friday submitted to the Governor Phagu Chauhan a list of 32 MLAs for forming the new government in the state.

The list includes 26 are from NPP, 2 BJP, 2 HSPDP and 2 Independents.

“I have formally submitted to the Governor the written support and signatures of all the 32 MLAs for the NPP-led government,” Sangma told reporters after meeting the Governor.

The NPP leader said he was unofficially informed that the swearing ceremony of the council of ministers will be held on March 7. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is likely to be present in the swearing in ceremony.

Sangma said, “The letter of support has mentioned the support to the Conrad K Sangma-led government so yes based on the support that I am getting from the 32 MLAs the Governor will formally invite me to form the government.”

He informed them that they will soon sit to take a call on the name of the new alliance.

Sangma said that the number of MLAs may go up as the NPP is in touch with other political parties and said, “We will be meeting some of them right after this meeting”.

On the UDP’s decision , the NPP chief said, “The MLAs have their own independence to decide how they want to move forward so that is their decision I have no comments.”

The HSPDP has alleged that its two MLAs, Shakliar Warjri (Mawthadraishan) and Methodius Dkhar (Mawshynrut), have gone missing from a meeting with other political parties – UDP, TMC, Congress and VPP and is clueless about their whereabouts.

Sangma however said, “They (two HSPDP MLAs) have met me at an official capacity. You must have seen in the photographs also that they have happily with free hands they have given the letter of support to me.”

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