Call KSU for dialogue, HSPDP tells Govt

Shillong, June 19: The HSPDP on Monday asked the State government to call the Khasi Students Union (KSU) for discussion on railway issue.

A statement issued by HSPDP in-charge Media Cell, Londoner M. Sohtun has expressed concern over the adamant attitude of the State government that did not want to call the KSU for discussion.
“Such attitude shows that the state government wants to coerce its power against the will of the people. Instead of having a dialogue, the government is hunting KSU activists to get them arrested as if they are militants. The government should know that KSU and other groups that oppose railway project are not militant organizations,” the statement said.

The HSPDP also expressed surprise at the state government that wanted to be ring railway by force despite strong opposition by many.

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