BJP leader from Tura quits party

Shillong, June 01: In Garo Hills, BJP West Garo Hills district president, Bernard N. Marak has quit the party and alleged that beef has become such a serious issue in BJP.
A statement issued by Marak said, “since beef has become such a serious issue in BJP, he cannot go against the interest of the people. I am resigning from the BJP on the ground that the party is trying to impose an ideology of Hindus in a Christian state like Meghalaya especially Garo Hills where beef is common meat which is often part of diet to celebrate special occasion,” he said.
He also said that in Garo Hills, beef was becoming a burning issue and the opposition parties were making hue and cry over the beef issue while taking a serious toll on the party workers with growing hatred against the party.
“Inspite of that, we have tried to convince the people of Garo Hills that we are protected under the schedule and that it would not be applicable in the hills areas. But talking to Nalin Kohli made me realized that the BJP no matter how hard it tries to hide its identity, it only revered the sentiment of the Hindus, not the people of Garo Hills. We were told so many times that the BJP was not a Hindu party then why our celebration has to affect the party? Beef is part of our daily diet and our Hindu brothers can confirm this. I, being a Christian and a Garo, there was no restriction to what others eat and their practice. We have been tolerant and supportive of what religions practiced in our lands. We never imposed any law against Hindus or anyone, then why do they impose against us? Marak said
Stating there has been a peaceful co-existence of Christians, Hindus and Muslims in Garo Hills, but beef is going to create a rift in the society, Marak however said, “A restriction put on me by party leaders was against the common practice of our people and was surely disrespectful of Garo sentiments. Therefore, I resign from the party.”

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