Asteroid named after Manipur Scientist

Manipur (Imphal),August 10: International Astronomical Union (IAU) named an asteroid after a young Indian scientist Dr. Guneshwar Thangjam here.

The asteroid, which orbits the sun is called ‘Thangjam Asteroid’ or ‘11806 Thangjam’.

The declaration was made at an IAU conference “Asteroid s, Planets and Meteors, 2017” in South America.

Dr. Guneshwar Thangjam, 32-year-old scientist says that a positive attitude is the guiding star of life.

“Positive attitude is actually the guiding star that will bring you to your destination. All the problems in the society right from the law and order including the economic conditions can be solved by positive attitude,” he said.

Dr. Thangjam further added that a student with negative mindset can’t concentrate on studies as well as on future.

“Giving a hope and a positive mindset to the students and the youngsters is very important,” Dr. Thangjam said.

He is currently pursuing his post-doctoral studies in astronomy.

He further added, “For the time being, I have my contract till 2019, so I will continue in Germany for the coming years. And at the same time, I would like to have some experience from US because in planetary community or in any fields it is a leading country in the world. Yes, I would definitely like to come back to India to work”.

His achievements are inspiring the youngsters to pursue their dreams with utmost dedication. (ANI)

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